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Programming Tutorials

Here is a tutorial created by us in text base, where we will be showing you how to program the basic movement of a robot.

Programming is what really tells the robot what and how to do the assignment task that the robot seeks to fulfill. Building a robot to pick up a block or sphere is only half of the battle. Programming is what truly allows the robot to use it's tools at its disposal and fulfill the tasks the driver seeks.

The Programming language used in Vex Robots is ROBOTC, a language base on C programming.  There are two ways of programming the robot, graphical or text base.

Installing VEXCode

1.To install VEXcode go to this website:

There are many resources out there in which you can see more about this programming language


2.Select the type of editor that you want to use base on the category that you participate, IQ is for VEX IQ robotos and V5 for VEX EDR , and either graphical or text base.

(We recommend graphical base for beginners in programming due to its intuitiveness)

3. When finish downloading, go to files>downloads and find the editor that you install

4. Double click on it to open and run.

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