"Together, we proved them wrong.  Together, we Won.  Together, we can make the future Girl Powered!"

Girl Powered represents our ideals and hopes to see STEM unify and become unbiased . As a girl in robotics and STEM, one not only have to worry about robot’s performance and opponent’s strategy, but also the prejudice that already exists in the field. Because of this, our team strives to create diversity in the STEM field by hosting annual Girl Powered conferences to empower the minds of our future engineers.

 The girls watched their own picture become a part of a website. more than a website, they became a voice that resonated gender is irrelevant.


we became an inspiration to these girls. They saw us as a role model.we do this to become the role models we were never exposed to while growing up.

Not only we host Girl Powered events, we also participate in variety of events throughout our community. for example, our annual robotics summer camp where we elaborate on Electronics circuits, 3D printed, rockets models, computer programming, cyber security and many more aspects of STEM.