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What is the engineering design process?

  • The first step of the engineering design process is identifying game and robot design challenges and their goals

  • The second step is brainstorming and creating a diagram or a prototype

  • Third select the best solution and the best plan

  • Forth  build and program the solution you have made

  • Fifth test your solutions

  • Sixth repeat the process to make sure the team has documented all information

66 cubes in total  

  • Twenty-two (22) Green 

  • Twenty-two (22) Orange

  • Twenty-two (22) Purple

  • Seven (7) Towers 

  • Five (5) of these are neutral, with the remaining two being alliance specific.

  • Alliance specific Towers may only be utilized by robots of the same alliance.

  • Cubes can be Placed in Towers, or Scored in Goals. Cubes are worth at least 1 point when Placed in a Goal Zone. The exact value of each cube is determined by how many Cubes of that specific color have been Placed in Towers. When Cubes are Placed in or removed from Towers, the new values apply to ALL cubes. So the actions of one Robot will impact the potential score for both their own alliance, and their opponents.

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