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Girl Powered 2016

In 2016, Eastwood High School hosted their first Girl Powered Event. With so many girls in attendance, all of this could never have been done without the help of our Dedicated STEM students, teachers, and our amazing administrative staff. We not only had our Robotics Club kids, but we also incorporated the girls in our Concepts of Engineering class as well. One of the most important things to our Robotics team is to win competitions and attend Vex Worlds, but also to make a change in the community, for we believe these girls who attended Girl Powered could be our future. There is a greater purpose in this program and it is to break the barriers. We encourage all girls to understand that they are not inferior but equal to boys, and they posses the same capabilities as them. Eastwood Robotics does everything they can to inspire the girls around them to join the STEM fields. Showing them it is an amazing option where both genders can work as a unified team. We as a team believe 100% in the effects of Girl Powered.

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Lucky enough the Eastwood campus was still intact to host this lovely event. Our Program did not hold anything back and made sure it would be the best experience for the future girl engineers of this generation.

Girl Powered is a movement created to change the ever lasting norm that STEM is for boys. This movement was created to empower, inspire, and change the mind of young girls who were raised to dismiss STEM as a logical career and to prove they have the capabilities of becoming leading engineers in their respective fields.

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